Gun Safety Rules

In order to help ensure people with guns and those around guns are safe, there are some guidelines and rules that need to be abided by at all times. It is important to learn these rules from the very start. Anyone that isn’t willing to follow them shouldn’t be anywhere that a gun is present as they are putting themselves and others at risk.

The number one gun safety rule is to always assume any gun is loaded. That means you don’t point it anyone and you are very careful with it when you are cleaning the guns. Don’t assume that you have used all of the bullets in the chamber and even if you have checked you need to use the caution that there is still a bullet in there. While carrying a gun you need to be prepared for it to go off. You may trip or something and so it should be pointed downwards.

Many people have their finger on the trigger and ready before they need to be. As a result this can lead to shooting off bullets when you don’t want to. You can rest your finger in the area along the base of the trigger but you don’t want it to be resting right on the trigger until you are ready to take your shot.

Wearing the right safety equipment when you have a gun is important too. If you are hunting make sure you have on bright orange so you can be identified by other hunters. If you are target shooting make sure you have on goggles and ear plugs to protect your eyes and your ears.

Inspect guns on a regular basis and get repairs done as needed. If you have a gun that jams you should replace it. Never put any ammunition in your gun except what it is specified to work with. Doing so can result in serious accidents occurring.

Too many accidents occur annually due to people not following gun safety rules. No one expects that an accident involving a gun will happen to them but they do occur with some regularity. If you are always very careful and make safety a priority though you will significantly lower your risk of such an incident involving you or those you are around while using guns.

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